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I had this bad experience with this company "Ready Towing Group" in Moorooka, Queensland, Australia. This company takes advantage of people like asking to pay charges without their client's knowledge and they have very poor customer support assistance.

Basically this was the story so far; Ready Towing staff told me to pick up the car around 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., right after I paid them they've told me to pick up the car at their depot which is located to another place. It was confusing that I will need to go far just to pick up my car though, they can simply collect the payment and pick up the car in one location to avoid going back and forth. However, once I arrived at their depot, the gate is closed and I called the company. The staff told me that I should have called them an hour prior the scheduled time and someone will come to open the gate but only between 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. And the worst they were asking me to pay additional charges of $240.00! They didn't tell me that I need to pay anything and I was not informed that I need to call before I go to their depot. It was a horrible experience because they should give concise instructions and inform about the charges ahead and not to surprise their customer. They are trying to take more and more time on their end just to pay as much money as possible. Their service is not really good at all and they even want me to pay high price for their service without my knowledge.

Below are the links of other customers who complaint Ready Towing Group company. You can read their testimonials about their bad experiences just like what happened to me. I would not recommend this company; there are other towing companies that can help you a lot, honest and with affordable rates. You have the right say NO, call the police and tell them that you will call another towing company that will only charge $80 or less. />

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